This service provides the set up of your Ducati's TPS (Throttle Position Sensor) and CO (readings taken from exhaust) settings thereby ensuring that your starting and lower speed running are optimised.

Ducati Pro Team have received fantastic feedback from owners who have had these settings optimised and can now offer this at a fixed cost of £54.00 inclusive.

Currently we are able to offer a 'ride in / ride out' service but please contact us first to confirm a time slot will be available.

Please click on the Book A Diagnostics link below to contact us.

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Ducati Pro Team are also able to offer the following ECU services:-

ECU Reset Service - We are able to restore any 5.9M or 5.AM ECU to its factory default setting which means that it will become uncoded and can therefore be used with any machine and / or clock set.

ECU Updates / Flashing - Update your ECU to alter the fuel map and save having to replace your existing ECU with an expensive performance upgrade. Also available is a reflash which deletes the Exhaust Valve, Lamba / Oxygen Sensor and Immobiliser.

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